If you give a cat a closet...

Yikes, what happened to my living room?

Well, you see...

It all started last month when we moved Lucy into her own room (at least to start off the night :-) The cat box has always been in that closet but with her sleeping in there, I didn't really like that. It isn't that she would bother it, we even got a baby gate for that reason when she started crawling and never even needed to use it because she was so good about leaving it alone and even giving Zeeba her privacy (at least someone in this house gets some). But I just didn't feel like a good mom knowing she was sleeping with that smell around. So for a few weeks, we kept mentioning moving it, but never did.

Fast forward to last Saturday, after Craig spent the morning helping a friend move we drove into the city to have linner with my dad who was in town for the weekend, I had decided enough was enough. Of course, it was a hour before her bed time, she still needed a bath and we were all tired - perfect timing, right?

I figured it would be quick. Ha! We decided to move it into the hall closet which meant finding a new home for the shelving unit there. But once we emptied the closet, we realized that it was the "perfect" time to paint it.

Then we realized if we were going to get all the painting supplies out to paint the hall closet, we should go ahead and paint the living room closet, too.

So 45 minutes later, we had a cat box and the contents of two closets spread all over our living room. And did I mention I keep the "Lucy materials" that I don't want her to have access to in that closet - like the sensory bin items, extra craft supplies and tray work I don't think she is quite ready for (pouring tray!) She was in heaven.

But the closets are painted and everything is almost back to normal. I didn't take before shots because this wasn't a planned thing, but I'll try to post "afters" when its all rearranged.


  1. I'm glad that's not just a "small apartment" thing. Every time I try to find a better arrangement for anything, it seems the closets turn inside out. It's almost like they are living in a constant state of high pressure and the slightest leak starts an explosion.

  2. It's not just you, but I do think it's partially related to the fact that in both apartments and older houses, closet space is at a premium. I was shocked, and actually a little proud, of how much stuff I had fit into those closets.

    But I always have to remind myself that it is the storm before the calm and (hopefully) we will come out better so I don't have a panic attack.