37 Weeks so it's time to start guessing

Officially full term! I don't expect a baby in the next day or two but it's still a good milestone. Here is a belly pic:

Or at least, that's the view Lucy seems to have. Here's a comparison shot.

For the record, I've hit that point. And I think any women who has been in her third trimester knows what I mean by that point. But Craig is great about reminding me how important these last few weeks are and how I really do believe babies come when they are ready. And he's good about taking over dinner and dishes when I'm too pooped to do anything by 5pm so he's cementing his status as best husband ever.

Thanks goodness I'm ready so I can afford to my a bit lazy. Our freezer is full of meals, these to be exact:

Pigs in a blanket x2
Calzones x 3
Beef and pepper enchiladas (using this sauce which is really really good) x 2
Lasagna (but replacing some meat with spinach) x3
Taco Corn fritters x 1
Chicken spaghetti (using my homemade cream soup)  x 3
Southwestern chicken soup x 1
Swedish meatballs x 3 (ingredients for gravy in pantry)
Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos x 4

2 loaves of whole wheat bread (not even enough to last us until my due date but store bought bread won't kill us :-)
2-3 sides worth of whole wheat rolls

Healthified Mrs. Fields cookie dough
Whole Wheat PB Choc-oat Chip cookie dough
Energy balls
Smoothie ingredients
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

I promised myself that I had to work hard on freezer meals until 37 weeks so I'm done with that now although I might add a few more batches of cookie dough - mostly because I allow us to have a sheet or two of fresh cookies before putting the rest of the dough in the freezer and cookies and milk are a current craving. We also have the ingredients for several easy meals (tuna noodle salad, spaghetti) in our pantry and a bunch of easy meat (grass fed pork chops, steaks, roasts) in the freezer thanks to my dad so I am confident we won't starve.

The co-sleeper and changing table are all set up, all my pre-baby craft projects have been completed and Lucy's fall "curriculum" is all ready to be brought out for her although I might not be able to make it to the baby's arrival before I need those extra busy bags - I'm just too tired to entertain her all day.

So basically, we just need the baby now. We've started with the weekly midwife appointments and baby's looking good - very low and I've been having a lot of those twinges which tell me my body is starting to efface. They aren't very pleasant but I just remind myself the more it does now, the less it has to do later. But hopefully not too much later :-)

But now the fun part. Let's play a little guessing game, shall we? Any thoughts on whether baby Dewey is a boy or girl, when he/she will come and what he/she will weigh?

To get you started, my official due date is September 15th and Lucy came into the world on her due date weighing 7lbs, 14 oz.

My guess is boy, September 12th, 8lbs, 2oz - but what do I know?

(Oh, and you can only play the guessing game if you promise not to guess September 11th. I really don't want baby to come on Septemeber 11th, okay?)


Here are the combined guesses from facebook and the comments below:

Sept 5:
Elizabeth - girl, 5 ft long :-)

Sept 9:
Teresa - boy, 8lb 3oz

Sept 10:
Greg - boy, 8lb 2oz

Sept 12:
Carter - boy, 8lbs 2oz

Sept 13th:
Janna - girl, 8lbs 14oz 
Joyce - boy, 8lbs, 14oz
Rachel - boy

Sept 14:
Hannah - girl, 7lbs, 13oz
Amanda - girl
Karen - boy, 8lbs

Sept 15:
Steph - boy
Chad - girl, 7 lbs 8oz

Sept 18th:
Michelle - boy, 8lbs


  1. Another girl born on the 14th

  2. I'm going to guess boy, September 18th, weighing 8 lbs even.

  3. A boy on my birthday (the 15th)!!

  4. Boy, September 14, 8lbs.

    P.S. You look super cute in that picture. That shirt is a great color for you. Also: it's not fair that you are this far along and still cute. I feel like I should wear a sign at this point, "No, I am not a whale."

  5. I meant when I'm at this point (37 weeks) in my pregnancies. I am not currently pregnant. Yet. :)