Toddler Tuesday: First Family Portrait

About half way through cleaning up the mural mess, I realized I should have taken a picture of it for posterity's sake. It was actually a pretty good picture. Lucy has just discovered how fun it is to draw people. Of course, they don't always look like people but they are definitely getting closer. Craig says they are aliens while I refer to them as minions (only out of her range of hearing though - to her we declare them to be the best people we've ever seen!).

Here is the first family portrait she drew from last week. You might notice that there are is an extra person and an extra head but sometimes she adds the baby and the cat so that might be them although I've noticed if she isn't happy with how one is going, she just ignores it and makes another so that's another possibility. She told me the smaller circles were water bottles - we had just come back from a hike so perhaps she is drawing us on the hike with our water bottles?

I'll have to try and get pictures of her current ones, she's started adding hair which basically makes us all look like we are wearing awful toupees and she's started drawing my belly as a extra circle below my mouth. I can't capture the best part though which is sitting next to her while she draws them and tells me exactly what she is drawing. It's a lot harder to piece together what's she's drawn after the fact so hearing it first hand really shows how much thought she is putting into them. I never understood why mom's talked about how hard it was to throw away art until now, I love each drawing - as long as it's on paper.


  1. Aww...So cute!

    Zuzu is a perfectionist, so she's having a hard time experimenting. She'll trace an i in the air to make sure it's right before she commits to drawing it. I'm looking forward to doodling as soon as I can convince her scribbling is fun.

  2. That is actually one of the reasons I'm so excited Lucy has started to draw. Until a few weeks ago, coloring or drawing normally meant her sitting down then making me draw everything with her whining "I can't, I can't" if I asked her to try herself which was frustrating. I wasn't making her pick that activity, I just wanted her to do it herself if she did!

    And I can totally see her tracing things in the air when she is older :-)