Finally some calm (otherwise known as a random update)

This weekend was a bit of a break from the craziness that has been our life lately. As soon as Lucy got over her cold, we headed to my dad's for a long weekend. We worked hard helping my dad getting his new house organized but we also played hard celebrating Ben's birthday with an afternoon at the pool. I must say that as fun as it is when Lucy and I go to the pool together, it is 10x better when we go as a family and she gets to wear out Craig and my dad while I float around and relax. We also had an ice cream cake which was a new concept for Lucy but definitely a hit. Knowing how much she loves ice cream, I had assumed she would but she kept telling us "I like dis" as if she was surprised by that fact.

We came home on Monday and my dad and brother joined us the next day (I know that sounds weird but I promise it actually did make some sense) and I somehow convinced my brother that he really wanted to repaint my bedroom. Free labor is great and I'm really pleased with the results but it was also exhausting for me.

They headed home on Wednesday afternoon but Thursday I had several errands in the morning and a midwife appointment in the afternoon (everything still good!) and Friday we took our poor cat Zeeba in for surgery to remove her bladder stones then headed off for a playdate so by the time Craig woke up Friday afternoon and our weekend started - I was pooped.

We actually had plans for Saturday morning but it was an outdoor event and it was raining hard so we decided to skip and ended up just lounging around Saturday and Sunday afternoon . Probably a good ideasince we could keep an eye on Zeeba. They scared me a bit when we picked her up but I think they gave us the worse case scenario because none of their warnings have come true. Thanks goodness - 2 weeks of her being unwilling to use a litter box may have been my undoing! We'll keep her in our bedroom for a few more days to make sure she doesn't get too active on her cat tree or the stairs and to keep her toddler friend from being too friendly when she needs her rest but hopefully that is the end of all the kitty healthy drama. Which is good, we have enough drama coming from Lucy lately.

Do you know the poem about the little girl with the curl - when she is good, she's very very good and when she is bad she is horrid? Well it seems as if we have one of those. I knew that with a little girl in my life the drama and emotions were coming but I really did think we had at least a few more years. I have to share one example from earlier this week. When she gets bossy/demanding, I'll ask her "Who makes the decisions?" and she knows to answer "Mommy and Daddy" and this often stops her in her tracks. This time though, she answered correctly albeit through sobs but when I turned my head the crying stopped and she added in a little diva voice "...and juju." Oh girl, I don't think so!

But hopefully a week of regular routine and some extra attention from mama (mostly positive but probably some negative as well ;-) will start to remedy that. Because as funny as I do find the above story now, at the time, it wasn't so pleasant and I'd rather not have too many more.

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