So much for that calm

I had every intention of finishing my Toddler Tuesday post yesterday before Lucy reminded me she actually is a toddler when she drew a mural on our white cotton living room chair in pen...but rubbing alcohol blotting + hairspray blotting + heavy duty shout + hot rinse + oxyclean soak + hot wash = saved chair (but tired mama). Thanks goodness for slipcovers than can be thrown in the washing machine. But that really wasn't the worse of the day. It's been a week and it's not even half way over - pray for me!

But on the bright side, I have found another reason we need a leather couch and late last evening when I was trying to keep myself awake long enough to watch the women's floor excercises, I stumbled upon this:

I don't think I would have found it as funny on Monday night but yesterday I could not stop laughing - that almost creepy delirious laugh but whatever.

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  1. I needed to see that comic. Miss Lili has been on an absolute rampage recently = books destroyed, carton of eggs dumped out, dirty dishwater spilled, etc.

    Toddler days, too, shall pass. (And then we'll probably feel nostalgic for them. Maybe.)