Almost there

What a week. I'm glad it's almost over. What's that you say? It's Monday. Well, technically, but y'alls Monday is my Friday because Craig is working another odd schedule this month. He works Friday through Monday then has three days off and those three days are almost here and boy do I need the break. Lucy was super super cranky on Friday, spent Saturday sick and feverish, didn't sleep Saturday night and spent Sunday releasing whatever energy she apparently saved up from being lethargic on Saturday. So, I don't have anything much to say but the best part of having a mommy blog is that I don't always have to. I have a great plan B - pictures of my cute kids! Enjoy!

All ready for bed!

On our way to vote.
Lucy loves to vote, mostly for the stickers. 

She just had to bring baby rubber ducky and mommy rubber ducky with her. 

The end of a smile. Those smiles are so hard to catch on camera but I'm trying. 

Holding his head up. It's hard work. 

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