Jonah @ 2 months

  2 months!
 Now a close up of that smirk. 


You're just getting so big! I moved you into 3-6 month clothes last week. You have lots of chub. I love this pictures - not just wrist and elbow rolls but a random forearm roll too! I forgot to weigh you when I had access to a baby scale but I'd guess over 12lbs. (Update: Official 2 month check up stats at 10 weeks - 13.5lbs, 23.4 in long and 15 in head)

You are fitting right into our family. You've been cooing for a little while now but last week learned to be louder. It's so funny. You'll just start making noises but  if no one seems to be paying attention or if other noises (read - Lucy) are around you'll try a bit louder then a bit louder. They are still happy noises but with a bit of "excuse me, I'm here" attitude thrown in.

But you like to be in amongst the noise and action. You love to "sit" on my lap and watch Lucy play.

And despite what she says, she is becoming a fan of you too. She loves to help change your diaper, snap your snaps and yesterday, held you for the first time so she could read you a book. She's also becoming an expert on you - your daddy was holding you one evening and you started to fuss when she turned to him and said "you should try walking around" and guess what, it worked! When you start to get sleepy/fussy in the afternoon, she'll tell me to "try wearing him" and will even hand me the moby. I guess she has you figured out!

It's not hard though, you have settled into quite a nice little routine. You take your first nap in your co-sleeper 1.5 hrs after you wake up, then depending on how long that nap is, you might take another short one in the morning. At 1, when Lucy takes her nap, you lay down with me and we rest/sleep/nurse for about 2 hours. Then more playtime before your afternoon nap/dance time in the moby while I cook dinner. More playtime then lots of cluster nursing before bedtime. You consistently sleep 5 hours at night but often make it 6-7 and a few nights ago slept 8 hours in a row!

You often put your arms down when you sleep. I think it looks like you've just faceplanted so I move your arms up again, I can't help it.

When you're awake you are pretty content no matter where I put you. You like your baby seat a lot as well as resting back on my legs but will tolerate the swing or the floor time on either your tummy or back. You don't mind the car either, it doesn't really put you to sleep but you are happy sitting there looking around on 30-45 minute trips. We didn't think you liked baths but we tried giving you one this way and now you love them - even when Lucy insists on getting a washcloth and "helping." Now we stand at lots of likes, zero dislikes.

 Your smiles are normally small, I've only seen a big grin a handful of times, but you rarely fuss unless you need something either. You're just very even keeled, unlike your on/off sister. Apparenly, your looks are one of the few things the two of you share!

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