Colorado: Hiking

In addition to hiking around the cabin and neighborhood, we went on two hikes. Both of these are hikes I had done before but it was neat to remember the last time I had been there and note the differences. The first was Treasure Falls and Lucy had just as much fun watching the chipmunks as I remember my cousins having. The second hike was to ice caves. The last time I was on that hike I was with my mom and instead of my husband carrying my preschoolers on his shoulders, it was my brother carrying my preschool-aged cousin on his! It was hard for me to believe that same cousin is now about to start high school. Time surely does fly.

co treasure falls 045
What was Lucy doing while we were enjoying the views? Playing with sticks, of course!
co treasure falls 047

co treasure falls 044

Playing "king of the mountain" like goats.

co treasure falls 022

co treasure falls 016

icecaves 136

icecaves 141

icecaves 144

icecaves 155

icecaves 157

icecaves 160

icecaves 162

icecaves 168

icecaves 178

icecaves 182

icecaves 186

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