Colorado at a slow pace

After our week in North Dakota, we moved on to Colorado. We had a few days as a family of four then my brother, aunt, uncle and cousins joined us. We were actually staying at my uncle's cabin and I've spent many summer weekends there, albeit not for 8 years or so. Back then my weekends were spent trying to fit as much fun as possible in my 2-3 days - long hikes, overnight camping trips, horseback rides, canoing, rafting down the river. This time was different, we spent a lot of time throwing rocks in various bodies of water. But it was completely perfect. I tried to narrow down the pictures but there were just so many so more posts are coming with event specific images but these are my favorite shots from some of our "hanging out:" times.

co treasure falls 002

Lucy was smitten by Billy Bass. UnFortunately he didn't have batteries. That is, until someone "fixed" him.

icecaves 011

icecaves 027

Lucy was really excited about fishing and much to our surprise, she caught one within about 30 seconds.

icecaves 032

Sadly, we weren't quite prepared for her to be so successful and she got him good so by the time we got the hook out, he had seen better days. But a strategic misdirection, scoop and toss into the cattails saved us much grief and she was back at it in no time. She was actually pretty good at reeling stuff in. And by stuff I mean, weeds. But she didn't seem to mind not catching anything after her first one.

icecaves 033

Not so sure about smores and fire at first.

icecaves 038

Becoming a believer.

icecaves 043

Jonah didn't seem to mind that his smore was just a graham cracker.

icecaves 045

Quickly learned that smores were worth the risk.

icecaves 048

icecaves 049

icecaves 060

icecaves 069

icecaves 082

icecaves 083

Watching her stick go over the rapids.

icecaves 085

icecaves 126

icecaves 091

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