Not cucumbers

This is our third year of gardening here and we're slowly learning what works - and what doesn't.  Corn and carrots are not worth it. I tried peas again this year and got three pods before our plants shriveled up and died so not going to waste that space again. But we've had really good success with garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, and berries. And the pickles we make from our cucumbers are decent as well. But a few weeks ago, I started getting suspicious about our cucumber plants. Something just wasn't right.

Fast forward in time and yep, this is not a cucumber:
julyfun 013
acorn squash?

Neither is this:
julyfun 015

On the one hand, they are growing really well. On the other, I don't particularly like acorn squash and those pumpkins seem to be of a more decorative size.

Our hypothesis is that our cucumber seeds were left over from last year and just didn't grow but some seeds from our compost did and looked enough like cucumber plants that we didn't think to pick them as weeds.

So no pickles for us this year. But our tomatoes are just starting to turn green and seem to be quite prolific.

julyfun 017

And we are having a great berry year.
No more berries?
julyfun 002
Just kidding!
julyfun 004
Tons of strawberries last month, at few handfuls of raspberries daily not and more blackberries than we know what to do with (although I am trying blackberry mango frozen yogurt tomorrow which may prove to be an fun way to use some up). And we have figured out green beans are another successful plant for us.

julyfun 018
So I really can't complain - but I certainly do hope Lucy and Jonah like acorn squash so I don't have to eat as much.

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