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I've got a kindle again. Hurray! If you has asked me the not-age-old question of e-book versus paper I would have been torn and said I use both but prefer real books. But this non-kindle week really showed me how much I use it. My reading pretty much ground to a halt when it broke.  I'm still not back to reading as much as I was because I'm working on organizing all my books. It's taking a while but my last kindle got completely out of control so I'm determined to do better. I'm really good about organizing physical things but not quite as organized with files and folders and such.

Dairy products. We get 1.5 gallons of raw milk every week. I can cancel or change our order but didn't think about it last week because we weren't even going to be gone 48 hours. But we must have had a low milk drinking milk because we have so much milk now! I've already made one batch of ice cream and one batch of chocolate pudding and I've got another recipe for ice cream to try. I know I could freeze it if I have to but our freezer is pretty full right now - and I like ice cream and pudding and it's nice to have the excuse.

I'm still sorting over all my thoughts on the CM conference. I learned so much but a lot of it is hard to put into words. But I still want to try.

Planning and Preparing
For being a (daytime) diaper free house. We are so close! And by we, I mean Jonah obviously. We've taken a similar approach to him as we did with Lucy, although I've been much lazier in application. Basically, he's just been naked for the vast majority of the last 2 months. He's so prone to rashes that it was our only option for him even if I wasn't hoping for potty training as an outcome but luckily he's doing really well. Last week he's started initiating so now I'll ask right when he wakes up but other than that, it's on him. He does have false alarms but I'd much rather him try to go potty when he doesn't need to than the other way around and to be honest, I think he knows he doesn't have to go since he often requests "potty potty" when he's asked for me to read him a book but been denied. He knows he gets a story when he's on the potty. He's a smart little stinker.

The result is that we are down to diapers at night and on longer trips out of the house. The only issue there is that he refuses to use public bathrooms. Not a tiny portable potty, the same potty seat he uses at home placed on another toilet or even the fun toddler sized potty our church has that most kids love. Absolutely refuses. So we are fine for quick trips to the library or up to Neighbor J's house but church and long mornings at the park are issues. Lucy never liked public potties either (well frankly, does anyone?) but she would use them if she had to so I'm not really sure how to solve this problem. Any tips would be appreciated. But the rest of it is going well so I'm not too worried.

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