Preschool by any other name would still be fun

I don't really like the term Pre-K. I think everything before school should be called preschool. Instead of having preschool being an option for 3-4 year olds to go and play for a few hours with peers, we now have preschool, Pre-K3, Pre-K4 and maybe depending on your areas cut-off Pre-K5 which makes it seem like there are all these "grades" that your kid might be missing out on. I understand that it can help keep class names organized to have different names for each age level but still, it's a pet peeve of mine. Up there with kindergarten graduation and calling daycare for 1-year-olds "school." If your kid is in a diaper, it's not school. It's daycare.

And now that I seem like a old crank, I will admit that we are calling this year Pre-K. Lucy overhead me talking to some moms at church about her Sunday School class which is called, you guessed it, the Pre-K and K class. So later on when I told her we were starting up our new preschool fun times in a few days, she turns to me, gives me a look of confusion and says "Don't you mean, Pre-K? I am in Pre-K now!" When I printed out her sign, she wanted to make sure it said "Pre-K." I've started calling it both Preschool and Pre-K with the hope that maybe eventually, she's let it go, but at this point, she still (politely) correcting me most of the time so I'm not really holding out much hope. What can you do?  She's a stickler for the rules. So Pre-K, here we come!

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  1. I pretty much agree with you. Noah went to preschool last year and he's in Pre-K this year. Only difference is last year it was for 3-4 year olds and this year it's for 4-5 year olds (specifically the year before K). Otherwise, I don't care what you call it, it's all just preschool. However, I will say there is a huge difference in true "daycare" vs "school" for 1 year olds. My daughter is in a school. Meaning they have a routine/schedule, they have bible time, teach them their alphabet, read books, etc. Nothing in any sort of structure and there's definitely still lots of free play and outside time, but there are definitely parents/daycares that all they are doing is glorified babysitting (aka daycare). Just my opinion!!!