June/July WOL

WOL Curriculum update - Thanks to Craig's help I was able to set my Scribd account to opt out of their subscription services which means you should be able to download it for free. You'll need to sign up for a (free) account but you won't need to buy a subscription. 

It's finally August and just finished up our World's of Learning fun for this period. Now let's see if I can remember what we did way back at the beginning of June. 

This was probably the loosest themed period. I think it was supposed to be cities and towns but we also talked about businesses and money. I lucked out when the post office gave me change for my 20 dollars in rolls of dimes and quarters. I was actually really annoyed at the time because I didn't really want $15+ in coins and if he had told me he only had coins I would have used a debit card but then I realized that it would be fun for the kids to play with real coins instead of paper or toy ones as part of our "A Chair for Mother" lessons. They sorted and stacked and made patterns. We also read through a poem about money. They liked the poem but matching coins to their name/value isn't a concept that seems to be sticking yet. Oh well, there is time for that. 
june 004

june 005

Then I gave Lucy $1 in change and let her decide what snacks to pack for our picnic at the park. I could have made it more pinterest worthy with little toothpicks and labeled signs but post it notes worked well. 

june2 002
She really liked making her own snack mix, paying for each scoops of raisins and nuts until she achieved the perfect combination. 
june2 003

After practicing with me, she got to try buying things again at our local farmer's market. This activity was a bit of a disappointment. I had planned it for the city's market where there are lots of fun things for kids to buy for under $3-4 from small containers of fruit to one of my favorites, the chocolate croissant. But Craig had a volunteer job at a smaller one closer to us so we went there thinking there would still be something for them. Womp womp - nothing. It was a couple booths of honey, jam and tomato plants. There was a food truck though so I ended up splitting (because she didn't have enough money) a mango smoothie with her and the man was nice and put it in two cups.  

farmers 011

farmers 013

But she did get to plant a tree with this nice handsome volunteer. He was really good with her, you'd think he knew her or something :-)

farmers 007

After we focused on the market part of "Market Square Dog" we moved gears to the dog part. I traced ears for her to cut out and glue. Jonah didn't get to do his own cutting but he's getting the hang of glueing.

wedding weekend 046

wedding weekend 048

And both kids have excellent dog face making skills.

wedding weekend 053

wedding weekend 061

But cute puppies need food so next we made some puppy chow. It's not healthy at all but it is gluten free so I got to share in the mess fun.

nature 039

nature 037

We timed it just right and got to Lentil just in time for our cute local 4th of July parade. 

4th 007

4th 013

After tasting some lemons to see if they really did make our mouths pucker, we made some lemon-lime soda sweetened with apple juice concentrate. This was Lucy's first taste of "Soda" which we have always called a "daddy drink" along just like beer and wine. She was shocked when I said we were going to make a kid version at home. But she didn't like it! Well, she didn't like it with soda water. I mixed a little of the lemon/lime/apple juice combination with plain water and she thought it was good because "it was only those bubbles that were too spicy so I didn't like it at first"

july 003

Lots of counting, measuring and pouring going on. 

july 005

july 007

Counting out ice cubes. 

july 010

Jonah liked it either way, as did Craig and I. 

ferment 002

For the little house we did the classic moon phases/oreo activity. I didn't get any pictures but I've seen it everywhere so I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

We also drew pictures of our house in all four seasons and talked about what colors the artist used in the book and what colors we were going to choose to help show what season we were drawing. You can see she's using greens and blues and pinks on the left side for her spring house and the right was winter so she used whites and grays (because sometime snow gets dirty mom!) The other two seasons were on the back. I had planned on using different items to make it more of a collage but this ended up being a slow day. She was just getting over a tummy bug and had enough energy that she was complaining of being bored but not enough that she felt up to doing much. Oil pastels worked really well though - a little more exciting that just crayons but still easy and not much mess for the mom who was still frantically trying to keep up with laundry.

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  1. My four-year-old had a sip of soda & also said it was "spicy" :) How funny!