The rest of the weekend

All of Thanksgiving guests left on Friday so of course Murphy's Law says Saturday and Sunday must have gorgeous weather. We took advantage of it by finally visiting the bird sanctuary and a nearby animal nature park. I had originally wanted to come when we were studying the letter B (for Bird). This week as the letter J and alas, there were no J-birds there but we still had fun.

thanksgiving 021

Jonah selfie!

thanksgiving 022

I'm very proud of us for getting up and going in time to tag along for the bird feeding walk. I didn't take many picture on it because it was a bit gruesome. Condors pecking the eyes out of fish, owls eating dead chicks - very interesting but not photogenic. 

thanksgiving 023

thanksgiving 028

Of course, with all the interesting birds we had a chance to see, Jonah's favorite were the chickens. I think he would just have stood there and watched them the whole time if we had let him. But he must have been paying attention because several times this week he had reminded me that the chickies were dead and bloody and yucky.

thanksgiving 031

thanksgiving 039

Then we drove through the park, saw some buffalo and elk and took a short hike. 

thanksgiving 045

No hike is complete until Jonah stops and puts rocks in his pocket.

thanksgiving 048

Every nice afternoon we have, I tell myself it's got to be the last so I really try and appreciate but this year keeps surprising us and bringing another one. I really hope that continues all winter!

thanksgiving 051

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