The things they say - boy edition

Jonah: It's too spicy.
Me: It's only macaroni and cheese, it's not too spicy.
Jonah; It's three spicy!

Jonah combines Can I? and May I? and often asks "Man I do that?"

Me: I love you, Jonah!
Jonah: (laughing) No!
Me: Yes, I love you!
Jonah: No! Haha, I be jokester!

Me, putting on a Santa hat: How do I look? Festive?
Jonah: No, Boo-ti-ful. Boo-ti-ful. Want to play with me Boo-ti-ful?
Me: Why yes I do!

Jonah: Man I have old soup?
Me: What do you want?
Jonah: Old soup!
Me: You mean leftover soup?
Jonah: Yeah, old soup?

Jonah and I are lying in his bed. I'm pretending to sleep so he'll stop talking and sleep himself. He's just talking about all sorts of stuff when I notice some familiar words. He's giving his version of the memory work from Luke we are all working on, complete with hand motions. "They wrapped him in cloth, and placed him in da manger, because there was no room. no room!" And just as I was maybe about to get a little prideful about that, he starts singing the words "Diarr-he-aa! Diarr-he-aa!" But he finished his song with a "I love you mommy, and I love baby Jesus, oh, baby Jesus" so I'll take it.

And a husband funny. Reading Lucy Olivia and the Fairy Princess*
Craig: "be a reporter and expose government malfeasance"
Me:  Isn't that supposed to be "expose corporate malfeasance?"
Craig: Not when I read it.

*Just in case you were wondering, that book quickly found its way back to the library and will probably stay there. Not a favorite.

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