The things they say - Christmas edition

The kids playing doctor together. Lucy is sick and Jonah is the doctor.
Jonah: (Holds up a wise man).
Lucy: I don't see how that's going to help me
Jonah: Oh, I be right back. (Runs and gets a purse with a necklace and headband.)
Lucy: No, that's won't help either. Go get something else.
Jonah: Oh, okay. I be right back...repeat 10X

Lucy: Can I have some of that stuff on my bread?
Me: Nutella, sure.
Lucy: Well, we got it a couple days ago so I don't think you should call it new-tella, just tella.
Me: No, its not because its new. That's just the name - Nutella.
Lucy: I call it Tella.
Me: Okay, but its name is Nutella.
Lucy: Well, then Tella is it's nickname.

Jonah's been getting into a teensy bit of trouble due to his lack of self control around the Christmas tree. So we just keep moving ornaments up out of his reach. Now, he's joining in by bringing me ornaments and telling me to "put dis up I no reach mama"

Lucy is really into similes and comparisons these days. Here are some favorites from the last few days:

Me: Stay back while I pour the toffee. If it touches you, it will burn.
Lucy: Will it hurt? How much?
Me: A lot
Lucy: It will hurt like a snake bite would hurt.

Lucy: I love being snuggled up close to you. Very close to you. Close to you like a puppy is close to its leash.

Lucy: Do you love me?
Me: Yes
Lucy: A lot? As much as (pausing then pointing to a friend's popcorn ceiling) all those bumps on the ceiling?

We're reading from Genesis to Jesus' birth in The Jesus Storybook bible for our advent devotionals each night. Getting Jonah to sit and listen is a bit like herding cats but we still try. But the night we did the story of Jonah, he was quite attentive. When we got to the page with the picture of the Jonah falling into the water next to the fish he shouted "Oh no, its gonna get me!" and then when Craig turned the page, he pushed Lucy out of the way "let me see me, I need to see me!"

While reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."
Jonah: I don't like that guy, he angry. (Repeat on every single page until the last one!)

Me: Okay, mimi all done for now
Jonah: Little bit more?
Me: No, all done, maybe later
Jonah: (Hits his own arm) Oww, I hut (hurt) my arm. I need mimi. I need mimi to feel better. I hut my arm!

Jonah in bed, not sleeping, holds up his foot: One daddy toe, one baby toe, two baby toe, eight baby toe, seven baby toe, no, no, no. One daddy toe, one baby toe, two baby toe, six baby toe, no, no no...

Craig: Where did your clothes go?! Why are you naked?
Jonah: I took off my undies
Craig: Why did you do that?
Jonah: I wanted to be nakey!
Perfectly logical toddler reasoning.

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