First two weeks

july 041

Our first two weeks of school went pretty well. We started slow the first week because we had to wait (impatiently) on two items to arrive in the mail. I had planned for that. But then the computer was being repaired and took longer than expected. I thought I could do almost everything except blog on my phone so I wasn't expecting this to be an issue but all of a sudden my spotify app doesn't work. It seems like this is a common android issue and I haven't found a solution. So instead of listening to new songs, we just reviewed some old ones. In the past, it has been mostly me singing and them chiming in with a word or two but the review provided a nice chance for Lucy to surprise me with what she remembered. She even sang all of our last french song on her own. I was thinking about dropping the french songs from our rotation because I wasn't sure if they were sticking so I was shocked. And she was sad when we didn't get a new one right away so I guess we'll keep them!

The second week we did everything so early in the week so we could leave on our weekend trip but I must have somehow accidentally given her the impression that Kindergarten was over FOREVER! After I cleared up the confusion and dried the tears, she was alright - and I was reassured that it wasn't too much work for her!

We did a bit of math.

july 050

Some picture study - which immediately led to her wanting to make her own still life arrangement. 

july 042

She arranged some peaches from our garden around a snow globe she made at vbs. It ended up looking a bit like a penguin crime scene but it was super cute to see her excited about it. 

july 044

july 045

Actual art time - our first attempt at using watercolor crayons. They are a lot of fun and much easier that full watercolors with Jonah around.

july 047

A good bible verse to start off the new year, don't you think? (and slightly less pointed than our previous verse "Do everything without complaining or arguing...")

july 051

I wasn't going to have her start copywork but I added the book to my rainbow resource order to get up to free shipping so I thought I'd see how she did. She loved it! She did the first page and to appease her after saying she couldn't do another, I went to grab her crayons so she could color the igloo. When I got back, she showed me how she made the first line look "so fancy." Not sure how to proceed with that but at least I think she's going to like cursive when we get there.

school 002

And lots of music with some picture books tagging along.

school 001

We had lots of fun and the routine is working well. My biggest concern was making sure school didn't interfere with time spent outside. But we got outside just over 30 hours in those two weeks. Not quite 4-6 hours a day, but slightly over 2 on average, which is pretty good considering its July and has been either hot or rainy every day.

Of course, much of that was in the water because it is summer after all and what's summer without some sprinkler fun?

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  1. I'm excited to see what books you chose for folksongs! (Just in case you are lacking blog post ideas.)