This too shall pass

I am having the hardest time sitting down to blog recently. Mostly for one very cranky reason who happens to be almost three years old. And in the last 24 hours, he has had 30+ minute fits because

1) I put water in his water bottle after he told me he wanted water in his water bottle

2) I wouldn't let him put a dirty cup into my container of granola.

3) He wanted to hurt Lucy but she was faster than him and ran away.

Keep in mind, those are just the long ones. But we are making progress. It's taken me a little while to figure out how to handle them since he is different than his sister. I know I shouldn't be surprised because he is at that age but he's always been my easy going kid. And still is actually. I have to keep reminding myself that we survived her and she was way better at losing control. So we'll get through this stage too. Until then, bear with me. Or pray for me. Or both.

And try not to judge a person driving down the road listening to music too loudly in their car. She could just be trying to drown out the screams from the back seat so that she can get everyone to Target without crashing the car. This is probably a more likely scenario if the music you hear emanating from said car is from the "Wee Sing Bible CD" and not some form of rap but you just never know.


  1. I feel your pain! Miri is having all out screaming fits over the number of ice cubes in her water (among other things). She and Eliza are fighting near constantly. I know part of it is being cooped up since it's 100 degrees outside, but I think it's also the age. We will all get through this!

  2. Oh, we are so here too. Our guy is 2 but he is into EVERYTHING. But the fit throwing is what gets me: I put his raisins in the wrong bowl, I put his sandals on him but he wanted his crocs (when all he had said was "Shoes!"), we wouldn't let him play at the end of our driveway by the road (even though we were letting him play outside in the rain), I could go on but I won't. ;)

  3. I don't know if it's misery loves company or just reassurance that moms with more than me still struggle with this but I'm glad I'm not alone!