2016 Book Goals

I said in an earlier post that I only met two of my seven goals for the year but that was a lie. It's 4 out of 9! Way better. I had just completely forgotten about my book goals because I didn't have them listed in the same spot in my bullet journal. That little red book is my brain right now so if it isn't written down, its a mystery when I'll be able to remember it. Actually, I know when I'll remember - 2am when I'm feeding a baby seems to be a prime time to remember something I was supposed to do but didn't. 

But not only did I complete my 12 Back to the Classics read, I also reached my overall goal of 75 books. I'll probably end up closer to 100 by the end of the month. I credit a big part of that to my
pre-planned reading list.

Last year was the first time I tried it and I loved it. I only had about 30 or so books listed so even with those and the classics challenge, I had plenty of wiggle room to add it whatever I stumbled upon. But I can tell that even with the large number of books I read, the quality of my reading went up. And it makes me much more willing to try harder books this year. 

One thing I've realized too is that all these books I consider to be hard classics where very popular in their day. As in, read by lots of people - for fun! So chances are, they are going to be enjoyable. I do read to expose myself to new ideas and elevate my thinking but I also read for fun. And I really do hope that many of these are fun because I seemed to have picked a lot of books that I think will be challenging, for me at least.

*With AO Discussion Group
**Back to the Classic Challenge Selection


Christopher Columbus*
Fierce Convictions by Karen Swallow Prior


- Mind 2 Mind By Karen Glass*** - Finish from 2015

Minds More Awake by Anne White

Other Non-fiction

-  How Now Shall We Then Live - Finish from 2015
- When Athens Met Jerusalem (Rollover from last year but I asked for it as an ILL about two months ago and I'm still waiting :-(
- Howards End is on the landing
- The Entitlement Cure
- Move Your Dna (?) 

Classics and Harder Fiction

- Hamlet*
- Utopia*/**
- I Promessi, Sposi */**
- Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves* - Yes, I keep trying these long poems. Eventually I'll make it through one!
- Brideshead Revisited**
- Waverly
- Bleak House**

Medium Weight Fiction
- A Man for All Seasons */**
-The Woman in White **
- Just So Stories **
- Persuasion**

Light Reading
- Doomsday Book by Connie Willis
- Blackout and All Clear by Connie Willis (if I like Doomsday)
- Hood by Stephen Lawhead - Finish from 2015
- Come Rain or Come Shine
- A Curious Beginning
- The Giving Quilt
- Gentian Hill
- Shades of Gray: The Road to High Saffron

So about the same starting number as last year although I think a considerable harder list. Although maybe its just that once I read a book, I don't consider it hard anymore. It's just the unknown that intimidates me.  And I'm starting AO Y1 with Lucy this year so that's quite a bit of reading in addition to my personal reading so I do think I'll lower my overall goal to 60 just so I don't feel too much pressure. But overall, I'm really excited about my selections and can't wait to get started!

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