The Camel Tradition Continues

Facebook reminded me this morning that three years ago I had posted about our trip to the Way of Lights. I didn't really need this reminded because we went again last night. I'm not sure its worth a trip just for it alone but we were up near there anyway and this gave us the opportunity to get our third newborn with a camel picture. It's become a tradition now. 


Norah and I (along with our trusty friend, the green ring sling that was also at each event. I love that thing!)

Here's Lucy's shot (at the state fair when she was about 2 months old)

And Jonah's (at the Way of Lights at about 3 months old.) 

I really never would have guessed when we took that first one that it would be repeated but once we did it twice, we had to keep going and luckily, this is the season for camel spotting. Do any of you have "spontaneous" traditions like this? I'd love to hear about them, especially if they are as random as this one.

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