A Mother's Daybook - December 13th

Re-adjusting to - Our new computer! It's been almost two months without a reliable one and about a month without one at all so its really nice to be back to a full keyboard. We spent all weekend getting it up and going with our files and programs and then doing the list of things we needed a computer to do. I love checking things off my to-do list so this was great.

But I must admit, I'm still struggling with it a bit. I knew that my personality isn't big on change but apparently neither is my body. The mouse pad is different and it has a full number pad which was great when we were doing the budget yesterday but it skews the keypad over. And don't even get me started on Windows 10.  My body thinks it knows what its doing and tries to function on auto-pilot but it doesn't really get it right. I'm sure I'll get used to it without another week or so, I just have to try and not chuck it out the window before then.  I also think I have to get used to blogging again. When we first lost it, I kept thinking of things to blog about and was annoyed that I couldn't. Now I can but can't think of what posts I was wanting to write!

Rejoicing - Goal hitting! This week was the week we went over 500 hours outside. I hate to brag but I accomplished exactly two of my seven resolutions this year :-)

Now, joking aside, I'm completely okay with that because several of those goals were my attempt to rejoice in the current situation God had placed us in (as in, no baby) and do things that were options in that season that might not be if we were pregnant or dealing with a newborn. So when February came and along with it news of a baby's impending arrival, I was more than happy to ditch them. French is fun but Norah Jane is way more so. But it also makes the ones I did accomplish a bit more special. And this was one of my top two so I'm pretty excited I did it.

Mourning - the loss of Jonah's naptime. Yep, naptime has become quiet time. Lucy was pretty consistent with her naps until this summer and even now falls asleep during her "quiet time"  1-2/week and would quietly lie down and rest on the other days so I was a bit spoiled by her. But Jonah's not having it. I could see it coming but this week I finally gave in and mentally accepted that a nap is now a bonus instead of something I can count on. He only took a nap two days this week and fought it the others (by which I mean I had to put him back in bed or go quiet him every 5-10 minutes). I have no plans to drop quiet time (ever really) so he'll learn eventually but its not the same for me, at least right now when I can't trust him enough to let myself nap or even really rest. I still have hope that when spring and the long days playing outside return, he'll start up again but that's just a bit of hope to keep me motivated.

Listening to - The nutcracker. We have the maestro classics version to go along with the picture book we're reading slowly as part of table time.  I'm really enjoying it and its serving as a great reminder that some things are more enjoyable when they are familiar. That's a concept I want to remember during future composer studies.

Reading - I just finished The Awakening of Miss Prim. I found it delightful. A good light read that isn't twaddle and still offered lots of think about. I wish I had been able to read it with a commonplace book in hand because there were so many good quotes. I do wish it was a bit longer, not just so the ending was more fleshed out but overall too. And as it was a debut novel, I look forward to see what the author comes up with next (but I guess I'll have to since she has to write it and then it has to be translated and that will probably take a while).

I also finished Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. Nothing new or ground breaking there but good motivation as we get back on track budget-wise. When you spend a year sick and then another year sick and pregnant, coupon clipping and budget tracking tend to go down a bit on the priority list but that's about to change. It's a good thing my kids like rice and beans.

Our current family real aloud is A Tree for Peter. I read it two years ago around this time and am happy to do so again. I did have to renew it and was partly glad I could and partly upset that no one else was waiting for it. It's a Christmas read so are we the only family that will read it this year? That's just sad.

Watching - Gran Hotel. Another sub-titled show but surprisingly not a k-drama. It's a spanish period drama involving the upstairs (owner and family) and downstairs (staff) at a hotel and the mysteries then encounter. So pretty much everything I love: murder mystery + early 1900s + foreign languages + (fairly) clean love stories. And while I like sub-titles shows when I've got a wee baby because I can watch while holding a napping baby, I do like to keep the sound on very low for this one because I'm pretty much addicted to the way Julio says Alicia.

One caveat, don't expect the first season to be self contained. I actually didn't realize it was more than one season until I was already in to deep to stop but you don't end that season with any answers. That's okay because I want to keep watching but it was a bit of shock at first. I'm only at episode 20 or 21 so I have 40+ to go.  And you would think that people would stop vacationing at this "Grand Hotel" when people seem to be dropping like flies already but that sort of logic issue has never stopped me from reading mystery series either (I mean, why would anyone want to be friends with Nancy Drew? Scary!)  But if your okay with the committment, go for it.

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