11 months

Dear Norah,

Just one more month until your birthday! I'm hoping its a slow month. I am not ready for you to be one year old.

But you don't seem to do slow. You are everywhere and you want to right in the action. When we play outside with your brother and sister, you chase their bikes and scooters. It's a good thing you don't seem to mind going in circles!

Jonah wants to move that heavy log across the yard? You volunteer to help!

You have become so much more communicative this month. You say mama and I do believe have started to sign milk and all done. And beyond that, you don't have a problem getting your point across, whether that means hitting us on the head with a book until we read it to you or screeching and throwing yourself down in a heap when everyone else goes outside and attempts to play without you. You point a lot. Point at the high chair tray - you want more food. Point at the door - you want to go outside. It's pretty clear. (And it should be pretty clear that you really like to be outside)

You also give hugs and kisses which are drooly and right now, a bit snotty. So gross but adorable nonetheless. You have been known to chase around your brother trying to kiss his head before he finally gives in. But his forms of affection aren't always the most comfortable looking either so its a two way street.

(Don't worry mommy, I got her!)

You are really into books this month. Your favorites are Mama, Mama; Papa, Papa, Babies and sadly, The Foot Book. (I normally don't like abridged books but in this case, I'm glad its the short version). You will tolerate Goodnight Moon if I read it fast enough and haven't totally abandoned last months' favorite Pat the Bunny but its starting falling apart already so we have to find both halves to read it. We quite literally read that book to pieces.

You've also started to copy us. You like to help sweep and "help" clean up. That normally involves things going in the wrong places or being taken out of the container I just put them in but the intentions are good. 

You noticed I had a headband on and wanted on as well. It turned into more of a scarf but you still were very proud of it and did NOT want to take it off. You even wore it to church. You really do love accessories and shoes already. It cracks me up but when I put shoes on you, you're body language clearly says "I'm adorable in my shoes and I know it!" This has been independently verified by non-related adults so I know it's not in my head. 

You are pretty much always filthy. And I even give you a bath every day. But you like to eat.

Yum, watermelon. 
and you like to play - hard.

Get me outta this thing! (You actually sit nicely in the stroller as long as its moving. The second it stops though, you want down.)

You were playing with the rain water in the wagon and then, bam, you had climbed up into into it and were soaking wet. Good thing we didn't have to go anywhere and I didn't mind the mess. Phone in the toilet, baby on top of the picnic table, all the colored pencils taken out of the box and rolled around the kitchen - blinking is dangerous. 

And then you crash. You don't actually fall asleep in my arms much anymore so despite it being too late in the day to allow this, I couldn't help myself. We paid for it with a super late bedtime but it was worth it. Snuggles are always worth it with you my baby girl!

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