Finally some fun!

Our fall break got off to a rough start with a car ac problem and then a week of colds and fevers and runny noses. But finally we were able to get out of the house and start "adventuring." We spent over three hours running around the botanical garden today - exploring the Japanese garden, sitting down for a snack picnic and nature journalling time and then playing in the children's garden and splash pads. And I actually took the good camera! And used it!

"Look at the stork taking care of its eggs, mom, take a picture!"We are reading Wheel on the School so they were particularly happy to see a stork. I'm not actually sure if it is supposed to be a stork but I wasn't gonna tell them that. 

Always have to say to the lambies. 

Connection alert! We went here a few months ago and I tried to figure out the locks and show them how they worked and they just weren't interested. But then we read Paddle to the Sea and learned about locks and this time - they were so excited! Lucy showed me just how to make it work and it didn't take Jonah long to figure it out either although in all honesty, he liked to do it wrong just to watch the boat go "too fast, ahhh!" down the river and hopefully even flip over. Boys will be boys. 

While the big kids played, I tried to get some good 11 month pictures of Norah. Most of my pictures are in sequences like this...

She did manage to sit still for a few good ones though. 

But wait, are Lucy and Jonah playing over there...wait for me!

Lucy wanted a "girls pictures"

and one "just of me being beautiful." And she is beautiful! I love how young girls are just so confident in their beauty. It isn't a comparison thing or a put down to anyone else. She just knows she's lovely. A lovely day with my three lovely kids.

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