Daddy's taking us to the zoo

At the zoo before it even opened!

Jonah took this one. I thought it was pretty good.

Up first, the carousel. It's free for the first hour so the kids did it three times. This was Norah's first go and I'm not sure she was thrilled with it. Jonah still won't ride on anything that goes up and down because he's not sure if it is safe. We then headed over to pet the sting rays and sharks. Lucy had fun but Jonah just watched because that definitely wasn't safe...except it was ;-)

Norah's just learned to point recently so she kept pointing at things. But she never seemed to point at the interesting things. Like, who cares about that giant rhino, look at the leaves daddy.

It really was an amazing morning. Not too many people and almost all the animals were out. We same the rhino, hippos, and the elephants.

We even got to watch a granddad repeatedly call this a Rhino until someone finally (finally!) corrected him.

 We also visited the penguins, seal lions and the polar bear. The polar bear wasn't in the mood for a swim which is when he is the most entertaining but I think that is the only less than ideal viewing we had. Everyone was out and about and it was perfect! Also perfect, the afternoon nap Craig let me have afterward. Zoo-ing is hard work people.

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