Let it be fall

I know that technically we have 15 days left to fall but I say, Calendar-smalender, I want fall! So I've taken the tactic of just pretending that it isn't supposed to get into the 90s today. In fact, that's been my plan for the last week as I've done all sorts of fallish things.

I ordered some fall clothes for myself from ThredUp (not an affiliate link). I'd never used them before they were having a great sale and I have to say, but this won't be the last time. I spent a little bit more than I probably would have in a physical thrift store but I kept three of my five items and all of those were in brand new condition. You couldn't even tell they were worn previously. Of the things I sent back, one wasn't the right size and looked a bit worn and another was super cute and lovely but a little two low cut for a mom that carries a baby/toddler around and sadly, it wouldn't have looked good with a cami. But I chose store credit so it was free return shipping.

I think what I loved most was the limited choices. I know that sounds odd but I knew exactly what I wanted in terms of items (1-2 blouses, 1-2 cardigans, and a long sweater to wear with skinny jeans). I was able to only look at my size in those categories and bam, just enough choices to pick what I wanted but not be overwhelmed.

I did fail in one aspect though. I went into this trying to break out of my blue routine. But, uhm, as you can see, that part didn't work so well. I mean, there is some pink in the blouse and the sweater on the right is technically purple but, yeah, it looks navy. I can't really blame Thred Up for that though as I picked out this stuff. I can't help it! I like what I like. My excuse is that the other shirt I returned was pink though so if I had been able to keep that my ratio would have been better. 

One on. I probably have too many stripes in my wardrobe too but I really love stripes. 

I've also started making/gathering fall clothing for the kids. I got the idea to make the kids wool mittens last year around march but decided that by the time I finished them, we wouldn't really need mittens. So this year I started early!

I used this pattern and it was pretty easy although I did have to adjust the end a bit. The pattern runs small - I used a J hook and my gauge was too big but they fit Jonah (almost 4) perfectly. And yesterday I finished Lucy's pair that I made splitting the difference between the kid and woman's sizes. Norah's should go fast because I'm not even putting thumbs on hers so I'll just make it up as I go. For me, I want convertible mittens with a pull back thumb as well but I can't seem to find a pattern like that. I guess I'll mesh these mittens with these texting gloves and see what the result is. It might be pretty awful but this is all leftover wool yarn from when I made wool soakers so no big loss if I fail. Except to my ego.

 I love to crochet but I can't just crochet. I crochet in the car which is where I did the bulk of these pairs. Yesterday I realized that I also like the idea of podcasts but get antsy sitting there just listening. I would do other things like cleaning or organizing but I can't listen with the kids around either and the last thing I want to do once the kids are asleep is clean. Sorry, I'm not that dedicated of a house wife. But the combination of podcast + crochet! That might work. And it did. I pulled up the Schole Sister's podcast on personality type and was having a great time thinking of how awesome I was at thinking this up. When what did the talk about? But handicrafts and how certain types might not like just doing them for their own sake without other things going on. Ha! So much for my great genius. 

My other big fall "break" task (besides trying to actually get a break, that's probably the hardest one) is my fall cleaning list. I learned I can maintain a house decently while homeschooling, as long as your idea of decent is reasonably clean. But the windows and baseboards and things like that never get done. There is some sort of peanut buttery substance on an upper cabinet that has been there for, well, lets' say a while. So I'm working through the house room by room, a little each day, until its all done. Then I don't have to fret during term 3. At least that is the plan. Wish me luck!

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