We Stood Upon Stars - A Review

Things I love: travel, both doing it myself and reading about it in memoirs and essay type literature  and camping and all things nature - except the lack of toilets. So I was pretty excited about reviewing We Stood Upon Stars.

Things I hate: Giving a negative review of a book. I even hated given a less than stellar review about The Thirty-nine Steps and the author that has been dead for almost 80 years now so it's not like I'm hurting his feelings. But in this case, I just didn't click with this book. In fact, I didn't even finish it. I got a good portion of the way through and I also hate leaving a book unfinished but I just had no desire to keep going. I found the essays a bit disjointed, like I was always trying to figure out why the author was (in a basic sense) and who he was talking about. It almost felt more like a set of blog posts than a collection of essays with a cohesive theme.

That said, I also felt like I wasn't really the target audience. I like travel. I like memoirs. I like books that talk about God's influence in life without hitting you over the head with it and all those things apply to this one. But ...I'm not a guy. This really felt like a "guy book." Like in one story about a trip where they get a bit lost and end up in a kinda scary situation, I just kept thinking "Why are you being idiots?!" and was not getting the humor or the life lessons he was offering. But that's me as a mom. A young guy or even a dad would probably have a totally different view and relate much more to what he was trying to express. Now, I don't blame the author for that (or anyone, I don't consider my not being a guy a bad thing), I just wish I had known before I got it to review. And I will be passing it out to Craig to see if it resonates with him better. Because he is a guy.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

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