Letters to Lucy - 7 years old!

Dear Lucy,

 Seven! More than a third of your childhood is gone. This mama's feelings about that are a bit intense. It's been a big year of growth for you. Physically as you've shot up in height and lost all of your front baby teeth. I look at pictures from a year ago and you look so much younger to me.

But not just physical growth, emotionally and spiritually you've matured a lot as well. For the most part, discipline is easy with you but the few areas you struggle with, you are starting to assume control over, in a good way. Last week when I mentioned a specific area and how I saw how well you had done with it that day with it and how proud I was, you told me how you had been praying for that because you knew it was hard for you. I pretty much melted at that. Seeing you turn to God for strength and forgiveness has always been my biggest hope for you and little statements like that bring such joy to my heart!

As requested, your birthday Chocolate-crusted cheesecake with cherry topping. When it comes to desserts, you have good taste!

 I love to hear your ideas about life and what we are learning about together. And you have so many! I'll admit that sometimes I tell you I need a bit of a break from all. the. talking. but I know I'll regret so I try to  keep that in mind. I really do hope you are always as open with me when it comes to sharing your heart.

So happy to received some blank books and chalk pastels. If you aren't playing outside, your probably inside creating - whether that's drawing or working on an art project, writing a story, building a lego creation or working on embroidery.

You love your brother and sister. You told me today that you wish Norah wouldn't grow so fast because she's so cute and little and you love to watch her run and play with her. She adores you too!

That's how Norah gives hugs. It's really more of a lean.

You and Jonah. What can I say. Man you can drive each other crazy! And, really, most of the issues come from his side so I'm hopeful another year or two and a lot of that will clear up. But you are quick to forgive and the two of you are best friends; I see such a bond between you that nobody else can touch. The two of you have a whole world in your treehouse together that I can't even begin to understand no matter how many times you try and explain. It's just your thing. Although I am happy to try out your store and its "mud bread and grass lemonade."

You took this picture of Jonah. You had him stand by the flowers and said "Oh perfect, you look so handsome"

You've started to really have a good sense of humor and can really make me laugh (where as a few years ago I laughed at your jokes because you were so cute but they made no sense!)

You're also starting to make more friends outside our family, especially when you have a chance to play one and one with other girls. You love American Heritage Girls! You've really come out of your shell and have enjoyed trying to new things - this year we tries soccer and basketball. I'm interested to see what activities you stick with as you grow older. You are a great owner to Betsy and love her to pieces. You'll just hold her and tell me over and over again "What a dear she is" and "Isn't she the best guinea pig ever."  That's just one of the areas of independence. You've really stepped up your independence all around the house and really contribute to the family now in terms of productivity. You love helping me cook and are quite a happy helper and a great example to your younger siblings. I just love you to pieces and can't wait to see what the next year brings!

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