Mason for Me - Spring 2018

So it's not technically spring quite yet but just writing a title with Spring in it has me excited. I'm so sad that February is such a hard month for homeschoolers. It's my birthday month and I wish I could say that redeems it, but it's just a hard month. And for me, it's coming on the tail end of a longer hard season (thanks to some big but happy news), so I don't have a lot of links for you. I'm really hoping, you all chime in with things that have kept you inspired over the last winter months and the ways you've kept the Mason for me concept going despite having to push through February to arrive at March! We do have a few good ones though:

Arenda over at The Upcast Eye shared her goals and some beautiful pictures of her reading journal.

I recently publish my first year 8 update which is basically just my gushing over my love of AO year 8 so far. I also included some pictures of my reading journal. Once you go look at Celeste's and Arenda's reading journal and get all inspired by the prettiness, you can come look at mine and be reminded that it doesn't have to be very pretty to work. I keep it real for y'all.

Elaine at Humble Adoration talks about reading hard books slowly. This is such an encouragement as I got to the end of 2017 and Goodreads showed me my book numbers for the last few years - and I've gone down in number of titles each year. But I know I've read harder things and learned more from them. So go slow reading!

Roots and Books shares here Back to the Classics Challenge list for 2018. I love finding other mom's merging Mother Culture with the Classics Challenge. It works well - and it can really help me if I'm stuck on a book category.

And don't forget to check out the hashtag #MasonforMe over on instagram. I love how its a mix of pretty quotes and books all laided out and then the realistic ones with computers and papers for planning and storage bin images. Isn't that just such a reflection of a Charlotte Mason homeschooling life. It's beautiful and poetic - and messy and real. Until the summer, keep reading, keep writing and keep sharing with us!

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