April Fool's Recap

I saw this prank while surfing the Web Monday night, and I decided to try it for April Fool's Day. I picked up the items at that new thrift store on Main St., where everything is $1 now. My office building has two stories, and a total of about 10 offices. There is a set of bathrooms on each floor, and the men's bathrooms have two stalls. I did this in the second floor men's bathroom when I got there at about 8:15 am.

At about 10:30, I went into the bathroom to check on things. When I got there, the clothes were under the sink, and a co-worker was in there. I innocently asked, "What's up with that?" He said that the boss had fished them out from within the stalls and then went over to the counseling office next door to see if they had patients that were missing clothes. He seems to have assumed people took off their clothes in the stalls, not that someone wanted him to think the stalls were occupied. Maybe I didn't set them up convincingly enough. That's the thing with this particular prank; you can't really see the results without loitering in the bathroom (or setting up a camera, but that's illegal). I overheard the aforementioned co-worker remark to another co-worker in a puzzled manner that one of the pairs of shoes looked like women's shoes, which would be odd (or scandalous) if you subscribe to my boss' theory of events. I had thought for a moment about putting two sets of clothes in one stall, to suggest Larry Craig-type activity. Maybe I should have done that.

Despite my apparent failure to successfully create the impression of occupied stalls and stymieing potential bathroom goers for much of the day, I'll call this prank a moderate success.

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  1. What a prankster :) It's no fun if they don't get it though!