Delayed Gratification

Yesterday, Craig got a phone call from one of those companies that gives you a free trip if you will listen to their spiel first. At first, I was really confused at to why they would call us, don't they do any research beforehand to find good candidates? Obviously, if they read this blog they would know that they are just wasting their time and I find it almost laughable to think of Craig buying into a time share. But even leaving aside Craig's thriftiness, why would they think we would be interested in that?

In my view, we are two young adults, fresh out of college, working to pay off students loans and build up some savings so we can have the American dream - a house with a yard, some kids, a golden retriever, the ability for me to stay home and make cupcakes - the general stuff. Right now we live in an apartment with our cat. I'm not saying we have it bad, I love my life, but before I go buying a condo for my vacations, I think I would like to have a house first. Or at least a washing machine.

But then I thought about how we look on paper and it made a bit more sense. To them we are a double income no kids couple with few responsibilities. We should be out there enjoying life, spending our money on whatever we just have to have. And I'll admit that when I see other people our ages doing just that, sometimes I get jealous. But I know our strategy is better in the end. I just have to keep my eyes on the prize. And it is almost like we have made it a game to save and it has become enjoyable. I mean, what better way to spend a weekend than analyzing the local grocery store's prices?

So we may go watch to get a free trip, but don't expect an invitation to our new vacation home anytime soon.


  1. ooh, I can't wait to have my own washing machine either! Brandon keeps talking about getting a new flat panel tv and getting hdtv and such, but I keep having to tell him, that we've got a lot of expenses coming up we need to save for...like a car. Luckily, with him being in the Navy, we probably won't appeal to the time-share thing, since we won't be in the same place for a long time.

  2. Max and I do these around every other year. We've been to Vegas and Park City. I just got a call for another one. This one is either Orlando, Vegas (including flights!!!) or we could go to Mexico.

    I am sooooooo tempted. Mexico? I would have to pay for flights but wow.

    Anyways, we love seeing what they offer and hate saying no... but I would rather do different vacations all the time then the same one over and over.

  3. next time you feel like you need a vacation, let me know. i offer you a scenic home in richmond, furnished, with a big screen tv and a kitchen, all set on 2/3 of an acre and a breathtaking view of the mountains.

    it's yours for free...but you have to pet sit our two dogs. and possibly some kids, but they do things like deliver beer and rub shoulders.

    paul and i will go away so you'll have the place all to yourselves.

  4. Big screen TV, huh? Hhmmm....