Eve 6 Report

Way back in January, I reported that Eve 6 was coming to town. Well, on Wednesday night, they came, they saw, and they rocked. MacKenzie's ears are still ringing. Here's the official Herald Journal account, although it really doesn't talk much about the concert itself. The article says there were 1,300 people there. I'm not much of a crowd-counter, but my estimate was closer to 400. I could be wrong. So could they.

The band played for, oh, I'd say an hour and a half. They played all the old favorites, including one, "Open Road Song," twice (it was repeated in the encore). Some local band opened the show. I didn't catch their name, because the lead singer didn't enunciate the 3 times he said it, but they had a trumpet and a trombone. Here's a photo (of Eve 6):

The concert was in a gym on the USU campus. The stage was set up at the far end, and everyone just stood in front of the stage. "Backstage" was separated from the crowd area by concrete barriers and the speakers. When the show ended (the first time) I walked over to the side, near the side door from which the band entered, and I was able to see them go hide behind the stage and wait for encore time (more on that later). It was kind of funny.

Security was provided by the USU football team. One wouldn't have suspected them to be football players, because they weren't that big, but then one would realize that USU has won three football games over the last two years. Plus, I recognized one of them from the Polar Plunge. They were fairly active, cracking down on the crowd surfing and whatnot.

Here's a video clip I recorded. It's like you're there.

The show had me thinking about concerts in general. Here's how I will change concerts when (not if, when) I become a rock star:
  • Start on time. I'm not sure if concerts always start late to allow people to get through the door, to be fashionably late, or because the band is busy with the groupies, but I don't like it. If your poster says 8:00, start it at 8.
  • No more encores. Are we still supposed to believe that the band intended to quit, but the roars of the crowd convinced them to come back out? We're on to you. Do the show, and then leave. I realize that these first two items might throw experienced concertgoers for a loop, but after 3-4 shows, people will figure it out.
  • TURN DOWN THE VOLUME! I realize that we're not at a library, but neither are we in a stadium. When you can hear the songs perfectly well with your ears plugged, it's too loud.
I realize that these points will make me the lamest rocker ever, but that's OK.


  1. Ear Update: 60+ hours later and only one ear is still ringing. But did you know that your ears ringing for such a long time can give you a headache bad enough to make you nauseous...well, it can.

  2. Congratulations Craig, you have now entered the realm of sensible adulthood, not to be confused with fuddy-dud.

  3. I should have went, it sounds like it was great. What I would love is Dashboard Confessional here. Can that be arranged?

  4. Here's how I feel about encores: it's kind of like the snooze button on your alarm. When the alarm goes off the first time, you know it's about time to get up, and that makes you appreciate that little bit of time the snooze gives you even more. You dread the concert ending (at least, if it's somebody awesome like Weird Al), but the fake end lets you prepare for the real end and gives you an added appreciation for the encore song(s). So I'm pro-encore.

  5. Nice review. I saw Eve 6 at the Recher in MD. I really enjoyed the show!

    Here are myEve 6 Concert Pictures, Videos and Reviews from the show I went to. Add your if you like too. The band is featured this week on my site.

    Concert Pictures, Videos and Reviews - ConcertAttack.com

  6. Awesome. I found your post at random but am a huge eve6 fan. It would be awesome if they make it back to MD/DC sometime during their tour.