More Monday Adventures

First off, I would like to clarify that the only time I was napping yesterday at work was during my lunch break. I am not a hooligan that just sleeps through the day. And today I am feeling even better so I don't think I even need a lunch time nap. Instead I will use this time to tell you some another good thing about my day off. It enabled me to be home when our landlord stopped by to fix some things. Actually, it is funny just how many things went wrong over the past week with the apartment (it was funny now, at the time it wasn't really funny at all). Especially since we have had pretty good luck with this place, I like it and there haven't been any big problems.

But Thursday night was the first of my feeling bad days and it was raining and Craig had to leave for a business trip that night so I had to go to Petsmart and take of the cats all by myself. I finally got home and was standing in the rain trying to open the door but the jiggling wasn't working. We have always had to jiggle the lock to get it to open but this time it just wasn't working and then, crack, the key breaks off in my hand. I guess all that jiggling weakened the metal. I went to the car, to get out of the rain, and called Craig to whine and get the landlord's number because I thought Craig had already left for Nevada leaving me with no way into the apartment. Luckily, he was still there so I stole his key for a couple days.

Having just one key was kind of annoying but Craig was gone and then it was the weekend so it didn't cause too much trouble. Then comes Saturday night when I leave to run an errand by myself and take Craig's key with me. Upon arriving home, I don't want to bother Craig by making him come let me in so I try to open the door with the key. It breaks in my hand! Apparently, I have some crazy super power that renders keys unable to open doors!

So Monday morning Craig calls our landlord who says he will bring us over keys. And luckily, I will be there to receive them. Now, if you are really good at paying attention, you may have noticed that yesterday I said, "started to make granola". You may have thought I didn't finish because I wasn't feeling good. No, I got to the part where it is in the pan and all I have to do is stick it in the oven and stir it every 30 minutes or so. Then the oven makes a popping noise, I look inside and see flames. Don't worry, I am a quick thinker so I turned the oven off and shut the door. A few minutes later the sparks were gone but the squiggly metal bar on the bottom didn't look so good so I didn't want to risk turning it on again. But since the landlord was already going to stop by, I was able to show him the oven problem. And we fiddled with it a bit, but it still won't turn on so I am without an oven for a few days (hopefully only a few days, he hasn't called us to say when it will be fixed). See what adventures I have, even when I am just trying to take a sick day and get some rest.

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