Big Show in Town

I was surprised yesterday by a poster I saw on the bulletin board near the bathroom at the local Borders. It turns out that none other than Eve 6 is having a concert here. I was a fan of their debut CD when it came out back in 1998. In fact, I still own it. I think I also saw them in concert once with Green Day or someone in Houston in the early part of this decade. But I haven't heard much from them recently. But I guess that's because they disbanded for three years.

The concert is April 9 on the USU campus. Here's some info. Now, Logan doesn't get much in the way of concerts, at least by people I've ever heard of, which was the main reason for my surprise. But apparently, Eve 6 is starting small. Check out their schedule here. It includes everal places I've never heard of. And the concert here will take place in the campus fieldhouse, which, as I recall from my one visit there, is basically a gym.

So I'm going to go to this, but I wonder who's going to be there. I would imagine that people who know Eve 6 are my age or so, so the show wouldn't be too attractive to the high school and college set. But maybe the novelty of such a concert in this town will bring them in. If so, I'd better reach into the back of my closet and pull out my mosh-pitting shoes. Kids still do that, don't they?


  1. They actually came to Rochester last week. I couldn't make it because I had to work but I heard they were pretty good.

  2. A good deal of USU college students went on a mission and/or got married and are working though school, meaning they are a tad bit older than the typical college student's 18-22's age bracket. So many of them might be like me and remember then from their tween years.