Farewell, Fred

As you know by now, Fred Thompson has departed the GOP race. It is unfortunate that he did not do better in the early primaries, but after his 3rd place finish in South Carolina, there wasn't much reason for him to hang around. His departure will likely help Romney the most in Florida, or maybe Rudy. It is speculated, however, that his absence will help the dreaded Mike Huckabee in Southern states on Feb. 5. I hope not.

As for the future, I have decided to throw my support to Rudy Giuliani. Read about that decision here.

I'm not sure what it means for the GOP that the only true conservative candidate was rejected. While Fred did have his flaws, I would have thought he would have gotten many more votes in the early contests. I hope this doesn't mean the party is moving towards the center, especially on economic issues, which is where Huckabee and, to a lesser extent, McCain, would take us.

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  1. It's a sad day Craig. Hard to get past the feeling that . . . we're DOOMED!