33 Weeks!

Less than 2 months to my due date! And I'm feeling - not horrible.

I'm having a few more aches and pains, partly because I'm getting bigger but also because I've had to stop working out. We just can't get the house below 79-80 during the day, which is fine if the fans are on and I'm just putzing around doing chores and such but the few times I've tried to work out, I can just feel my body saying STOP. So I have. But I'm still doing lots of tailor sitting and squatting plus keeping up after Lucy so that is something.

I went to the midwife last week and everything looks good - and big. I'm actually measuring 2-3 cms ahead. She isn't worried about it although she suspects this baby will be bigger than Lucy. I'm lucky to know lots of supportive women who have had successful natural and/or homebirths with babies in the 8, 9 and even 10 lb range so I'm not worried either. Actually, I've kinda been hoping this baby is 8lbs+. Lucy was 7lb 14oz  which is sooo close to 8lbs even though we didn't measure her until after her first big "output."  It also makes me feel better. I was feeling huge and uncomfortable but didn't want to whine about it but now I feel slightly more justified in feeling that way although I still don't want to be a whiner - even thought it is ridiculously hot (yesterday = 108! 108! What's up with that?) and I am ridiculously uncomfortable :-)

Lucy is really getting excited now. She loves to go over to the baby's dresser, open up the drawers and point to all the baby clothes and diapers. She still thinks it is a boy although I always remind her that it could be a girl after which she says "but we'll see. We don't know but we'll see when da baby comes and Ms. Dana comes(our midwife's name). And den da baby will cry and den da the baby will have mi-mi (nurse) and den da baby will be HA-ppy." She says it exactly the same way each time and it cracks me up.

Now, I wouldn't be betting on a boy just because Lucy thinks so, she also thinks we should name the baby Eeyore and while we are pretty secretive with our naming options, I can guarantee you that Eeyore is not a possibility. But I happen to think its a boy too. Not necessarily because this pregnancy has been very different, although it has been, but its more of a feeling. But it might only be a feeling because we have a awesomely perfect boy name picked out and are still undecided on a girl's name. There are several options that could work but nothing seems just perfect yet - to me at least. Craig is perfectly happy with one of the names and I agree that it is a very nice name, but I'm just not sure if it is the right name for our baby.  I have these daydreams were we have a girl and she is nameless for a week and it is driving me nuts. 

But names aside, I don't really have a preference for one over the other. People seem to assume that we, and especially Craig, want a boy and it's true that I would love a boy. I always imagined myself the mom of boys and it wasn't until I was pregnant with Lucy that I really really wanted a girl. But on the other side, I don't have any sisters and between losing my mother and getting to know my sister-in-laws, I've realized that I really hope Lucy has a sister someday. But we still hope to have more kids after this so either way, there is still time and I'm fine with whatever. 

But I'm not just sitting around worrying about names, I'm actually starting to prepare for labor. I've started a herbal regime for group b strep prevention. I won't be tested for another few weeks and was negative last time and don't have a reason to think that will change but none of these things will hurt either. I've also started taking floradix and drinking lots and lots of pregnancy tea. Iced pregnancy tea is actually starting to grow on me now, perhaps it is the heat. I don't even have to add honey anymore, just a squirt of lemon juice. And as soon as I muster the energy to dig through my birthing box downstairs and see what I have left over, I'll be ordering my birthing kit. I've been thinking a lot about Lucy's birth and I'm actually getting excited about labor. Well, not the labor part exactly, but getting to meet this baby and knowing what his/her birth story will be. Only a few more weeks!


  1. I'm weirdly excited for your labor and birth (I mean, we don't know each other THAT well). I assume it's because I don't get to birth our next child - vicarious living and all that.

  2. Do you not have air-conditioning? Oh my gosh, girl. I'd be dying..pregnant in that kind of heat. I can see why you don't want to exercise. I wouldn't want to exercise in those temps- pregnant or not!

    We also had an awesomely picked out girl's name and weren't as in love with the boy's name we had. You see what we ended up with:-)

    Can't wait to hear more about your birth preparations. And what is pregnancy tea?

  3. @Michelle - I hope I don't disappoint you ;-) But it's fair in the end because I'm following along with your adoption story just as closely.

    @Carrie - We have it but it just can't keep up with any temperature above 95 - which is pretty much all we've had lately. And now that we've gutted the kitchen, I know why. The insulation was thin, dirty and compressed to the point of being pretty much worthless.

    And pregnancy tea is a herbal blend. It is mostly red raspberry leaf to tone the uterus but also has nettle and alfalfa which are supposed to be good for your iron levels. And mint - to cover the taste of the alfalfa and nettle, lol.

  4. Tell me about this herbal strep remedy? Sounds interesting!

  5. If you promise not to consider this medical advice :-) I'm taking vitamin c, bee pollen, a probiotic, garlic and every other week adding in echinacea. Which combined with floradix and my prental leaves me feeling like quite the drug popper.