Kid Kitchen

In response to MacKenzie's demand request, I built this play kitchen:

I made heavy use of recycled products to build this:

  • The base is made one of these upper cabinets from our pre-remodeled kitchen. I turned it sideways and cut off the upper section (where the little door is). Then I took the main door and cut it up, discarding part of it and using the rest to make the two doors on the left above. I used the upper cabinet door to make the oven door.
  • The faucet came from our old kitchen sink.
  • The counter top is a leftover section of our island butcher block. This may be the only kid kitchen in existence with an oak counter top.
  • It was painted with leftover paint.
The hinges and cabinet hardware are new, as is the dog bowl we used for a sink. The burners are wooden discs from Hobby Lobby, and the pot rack and pots are from Ikea. The window in the oven door is an acrylic sheet from Home Depot. I ended up using magnetic door latches to hold the doors shut; they are still easy enough for Lucy to open. Inside each door is a shelf resting on shelf pins.

Here is Lucy enjoying the kitchen:



  1. so cute, great job guys!! I love that you put in the kitchen so she can cook with you :)

  2. My kids enjoyed playing with it. I meant to tell you that you did a great job putting it all together!

  3. Jessica, I have more materials if you want to make Donnie make one just like it!

  4. If she doesnt take you up.on it we will. That is awesome!!