The things she says

Craig recently downloaded videos from our video camera and it was really interesting to watch the transformation in Lucy's speech over the past month. Last month Lucy knew a lot of words but still only spoke in short sentences, mostly to request something but everyone in a while to make a statement.

Now she talks non-stop. She narrates pretty much everything she is doing. "I'm holding a fishy, I'll put the fishy on the table while I eat lunch, the fishy can watch but the fishy can't eat because the fishy doesn't have a mouth"....it just doesn't stop. Sometimes, I think when she suspects we aren't really listening, she'll repeat a sentence over and over again until we repeat it back to her or comment on it. I can't complain though because she definitely inherited this trait from one of her parental units and it isn't Craig.

And if I can remember to stop and listen to her, she is really funny, both the things she says and the way she says it and I need to be better about documenting it.

She's started to tell stories. Of course, most of them revolve around Winnie-the-Pooh and other related characters. The first time she made up a story was when she asked me to tell her one but I said I was talking to daddy so she needed to wait a minute. Instead, she told herself one. It went like this:

One day, once upon time, der was Win-da-Pooh. And Pooh went poop and Pooh went pee. Yep, he did. Da end.

Since then, she has also let Pooh and his friends go on adventures to the library to get books and to the grocery story (for honey and thistles and haycorns and raisins). And interestingly enough, sometimes Pooh seems to get to do the things that Lucy is hoping to do soon as well...eat a treat, go swimming, etc.

She's also learned the art of the excuse. And by "learned" I mean that she understands the point and tries, but she is really really bad at them. "I can't take a bath because the water is to heavy" or "I can't pick up my toys because my feet are too big." She has also started using the "my belly is too big" excuse. Now for the record, I have only ever used that legitimately, as in, "Lucy, do not shove your blocks under the armoire, I won't be able to get them out for you, my belly is too big."

Of course, I can't possible capture the cuteness of her speech so here are a few videos.

I'm not sure why her staying hippopotamos is so funny, it just is!

But my very favorite thing to hear her say is God's word. We've been working on her first memory verse for about a week now and she has it down pat! In this video, I prompt her since she kept getting distracted by the camera but she doesn't normally need anything other than the reference. I think it's pretty clear what she is saying but I realize I'm used to her speech so in case you need a translation, she is reciting Isaiah 43:5a - Do not be afraid, for I am with you. 

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  1. Love the video of her speaking scripture. Beautiful.