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I completely my two weeks of mommy makeover obligations and I did pretty well. I put makeup on and started the day with my hair down all but two days which is pretty awesome because I have the absolute worst timing seeing as last week the temperatures hovered between 105-108. I did "cheat" and put my hair up whenever we left the house because, did 108 people! The result of the fortnight was that I do feel a lot better and yes, as Rachel said, it was much easier than going on a deep soul searching journey to understand my emotions. I'll definitely be trying to keep it up for the rest of the summer and even when the baby comes. I know that I'll never be the type of mom who wants to put makeup on when she starts labor or before any family pictures are taken, but I will keep trying to find that elusive balance thing people are always talking about - hopefully before this kid turns 2!

Speaking of the weather, I won't spend a lot of time complaining but I do feel like I need to state the obvious. 108 + third trimester = cruel. Thankfully we haven't lost our power/air conditioning but there were times when our system was trying its best and still could only keep the house in the low 80s.

I'm 30 weeks today which feels nice. I mean, it feels nice to say 30 weeks, it doesn't feel nice to be 30 week. But I'm taking it easy and staying around the house the vast majority of the time so it isn't so bad. The reason I'm staying around the house, I'm carless. We have always been a one car family but this week Craig starts his required year of shift work so unless I want to take him to his office ridiculously early/late hours of the day, I don't have a way to get around. That will change soon but for now, I'm appreciating the break from what has been a crazy summer so far. (Not only did we do 2 weeks in DC, but Craig's parents came last weekend. I still haven't put up any pictures of those days because our camera has kinda sorta died and I've put it in the closet in an attempt to bury my head and avoid the "I have better things to do with my money than buy a  new expensive DSLR but I don't want to settle for a cheaper camera with a new baby coming now" thoughts that would be running through my head everytime I see it).

Since we are home so much, we've have been doing a lot of reading lately. Lucy and I are determined to reach the children's summer program limit of 50 books. The program ends July 31st and she is currently at 34 so I'm pretty sure we will make it. I probably should be reading birth books and such but instead I've got a huge stack of chicken rearing and landscape books on my nightstand. And when I say huge, I mean, there was no room for my water glass on my nightstand last night. Of course, in my current condition, I won't actually do doing anything outside other than walking out to check on tomatoes with Lucy every morning or hanging laundry up but it is nice to plan things so I feel like I'm being productive.

What we haven't been doing is celebrating the 4th of July. Craig's new schedule meant that he worked on the 4th and I was completely unpatriotic so we didn't even do something that evening. Actually, I kinda forgot it was a holiday until I went on facebook - such a bad american, I know! This is the first year we haven't done even a fried chicken dinner so perhaps we'll have to make up for that on the weekend. Next year I promise I will make a very 4th-y meal and put the kids in matching red, white and blue shirts but this year I'll just pull the pregnancy card. That is probably going to be my life for the next 8-12 weeks though so better get used to it Craig.

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