The list - updated

I thought I'd do a little update on my list. I felt like we haven't spent any time doing indoor stuff lately because all our attention has been going to a few large and unexpected outside needs so I was pleasantly surprised to see how much we've accomplished. Although of course, I've added a few new things as well (* indicates a new item). 

I'm happy with the bathroom and the last adjustments on the closet and living room are just waiting for a shelf from my dad's house. We should be getting together with him one way or another in the next couple of weeks and I'll be able to wrap those things up easily enough. That really just leaves the kitchen and the master bedroom. 

The master bedroom is my priority since it is also the baby's new room and my nesting instinct wants it to be all fixed up nicely before Dewey makes his/her arrival. I'm also going to blame that nesting instict for the 8 color swatches on the walls by Craig's side of the bed trying desperately, but silently, to convince Craig he is willing to repaint. That's basically my only hope of it happening but a pregnant girl has to try. If I can get the camera to cooperate (it's moved from totally not working to sometimes working), I'll even put up pictures of the few changes I've already made and so you can see the old color and help me convince Craig it has to go :-)

Okay, on to the list: 

Kitchen: SOOOO Close!

- Last trip to Ikea
- Install remaining drawers/cabinet door
- Install remaining drawer pulls
- Replace temporary island countertop with butcher block
- Install backsplash
- Caulk backsplash 
- Decide on and order stools for island
- Buy and install blinds (one down, one to go)


- Order baskets for closet
- Reorganize closet
- Order one more basket because apparently I can't count :-)
- Add "green"

General Area Closets:

- Paint
- Shuffle
- Order baskets for cat supplies, hats/gloves, etc
- Find new home for brooms so Lucy can get hers without seeing paint and getting distracted (just waiting for my dad to recover from a minor surgery so he can bring the shelf over. No hurry dad!)
- Find new home for board games since Tray/Art supplies are taking over (same as above since I decided to move art, not games)

Lucy's room:
- New bedding
- Finish tot wardrobe - see results here
Rain gutter bookshelf  (Started and finished this yesterday, pics coming soon)
- Decide if new bedding matches embroidery hoop wall fabric; if so, finally hang fabric hoops
- Blackout blinds 

Living Room:
- Frames for Art Gallery - bought 2 at goodwill. Need a few more but waiting until after art shelf arrives to see what sizes I want. Then need to paint and hang them.
- Reading nook - Arranged then unarranged when cat's bladder infection/stones issue arose. Yes, it was gross so I'll leave out any more details but now Lucy has a reading chair in her room and we are good. 
- Unroll rug as soon as latest potty training crisis is over
- Watch Craigslist for the perfect brown leather sofa for a really good price (hey, miracles can happen!)
- Replace sheer curtains with drop cloth curtains that block more light/heat*

Master bedroom:
- Make room for Craig's non-closet clothes- Find a small bench/chair so Craig has an acceptable "used but not yet dirty clothes spot" before WWIII breaks out (We went all fancy and got Craig a rubbermaid container for under the bed. Not super creative but it was cheap and doesn't take up much space in our tiny master)
- Pare down trinkets/memory items so dusting is possible
- Paint nightstands
Spray paint lamps
- New lampshades
- Art for above baby dresser
- Art for above headboard
- Make jewelry holder for wall (found a cute one at t.j. maxx)
- Put together succulent terrarium/arrangement 
 -Replace two succulents in arrangement - Lucy wanted to see the roots on one of the plants and the    plant didn't respond well to her hands on learning approach. Darn you books that make kids interested in science and nature!*
- New white bedding*
- Pick new wall paint color*
- Convince Craig to paint walls again*
- Wall shelves for over dresser*
- Arrange for baby (bring up co-sleeper, changing mat for dresser top, etc)*

Getting close now!

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