Okay, I lied. I didn't think I'd be back before the New Year but I know Grandma and Grandpa L are waiting for picture and videos since they couldn't be with us this year. So here are lots!

Christmas with kids gets better every year! Christmas Eve my dad and brother drove in. They ended up getting here a bit late due to some ice and a telephone pole (luckily the only injury was to my dad's car) and I didn't feel good so Craig took Lucy to church while Jonah and I stayed home to welcome them. I was so out of it I didn't get a picture before they left of her all dressed up in her Christmas dress and sweater but she looked adorable. And she was so excited to come home and find Grandpa and Uncle Ben waiting for her that I never would have gotten her still enough to get one. In fact, it took her quite a while to calm down and and it was after 10pm when she finally passed out - but that meant that we all got to sleep in a bit on Christmas morning!

december 036

december 043

We snacked on stolen and opened stockings while waiting for everyone to gather. Stolen is my family's Christmas tradition for breakfast and Craig has been campaigning for a switch to cinnamon rolls since he doesn't really like Stolen but this year Lucy loved her "Christmas bread" so I think he's fighting a loosing battle there.

december 014

 I had so much fun watching Lucy open presents. She actually opened everyone's. I put the first intial of the gift receiver on the package and she helped us figure out to whom it belonged to then ask them if she could help. It worked well except she kept trying to give my presents to her stuffed monkey.

december 027

december 028

december 019

december 020

december 022

december 024

december 023

I'm not gonna lie, she got so much stuff this year. Part of me feels like I should feel guilty about that but as much as the me from 3 years ago would probably scoff at my saying this, I don't. She doesn't have a tons of toys and really loves everything she got. I don't think she will get this much stuff every year but I know I went overboard because I wasn't feeling very Christmas-y and was trying to compensate (and from conversations with my dad, I don't think I was the only one) and she gets to enjoy the benefits of that this year.

She didn't get out of her pajamas until after naptime because she was having so much fun playing. Here she is making some pizzas.

december 031

Jonah slept through the big present opening but once he got up, Lucy was more than happy to open his presents for him too...and read his books....and play with his toys. But eventually he did get to play with them himself. He loves his bee-bo book and his skwish.

chrismas 020

chrismas 024

chrismas 015

chrismas 013

chrismas 008b

And here are some videos.

Lucy wishing Grandma and Grandpa Merry Christmas

Lucy opening presents
Lucy dancing and singing Hark the Herald Angel Sing
Jonah not rolling over. He can, but refuses to do so for the camera.

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