Dear Chair

Dear Fuzzy Sheep Baby Chair,

Oh chair. You've been in our life for a little while now. We got you when Lucy was just a baby. She tolerated you for several minutes at a time which allowed me to do things that required two hands like shower and make a pb & j sandwich and for that I am eternally grateful.

Jonah loves you. You are so soft and warm that he'll sleep in you or just hang out and watch Lucy play for a long time without my worrying about her stepping on him or being too friendly.

Even Zeeba has been known to enjoy a nap in you from time to time. We practically considered you a part of the family.

But chair, I think you owe someone an apology. The way you lay there in the living room, so innocent looking, only to jump out at Craig in the early morning and attack his foot like that. It wasn't nice. You broke his toe. Now, we are a forgiving family so if you apologize and promise never to do it again, maybe you can stay. Because a mom has to shower - but a dad has to be able to walk too. 

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