Cleaning out the drafts: She dips

For some reason, I never posted this "draft" even though it is a finished post but I believe it was written back when she just turned two. Sadly, she no longer calls things "dip dips" but instead uses their proper names. But she still really loves ketchup. 

Lucy loves dip. Pretty much any kind of dip. And she loves to say "dip dip." I need to get it on video because she says it oddly, drawn out as well as very emphatically.

 For the most part, I like her dipping as well because the dips she gets are normally pretty healthy and while she is perfectly willing to eat most of these foods without dip as well, she ends up eating more if she gets to dip.

Alas, her favorite is probably ketchup which is not particularly healthy. But she will eat almost anything with ketchup. I saw "almost" because she once tried bread with ketchup and it was, in her words, "eww, yuck yuck"

Things she has eaten and liked with ketchup:
  • chicken
  • hamburger patty pieces
  • french (oven) fries
  • oven sweet potato fries
  • chickpeas
  • celery pieces
  • chunks of tuna
  • carrots (already in a honey butter sauce)
  • steamed broccoli (see below)
  • mushrooms
  • raw green peppers

Her other beloved dips:

Red dip = Salsa - with or without chips. She can eat about 1/4 salsa per chip and if it is chunky salsa, she normally gives up on the chip after a while and just fishes around for the onions, peppers and tomatoes.

Green dip = Guacamole - similar to salsa. She starts out with chips but they are the side show.

White dip = Sour cream - with quesadillas or burritos or any kind of bean by itself or cherry tomatoes (but only if cut in half, she doesn't like it when the squirt and dirty her shirt) 

Noodle dip = Spaghetti sauce - with spaghetti. She doesn't really like noodles very much but will eat them if she gets to dip them herself

Yogurt dip =  with fruit, especially strawberries. She will often refuse plain yogurt in a bowl (but never "baby yogurt" which is yogurt in the little cups) but if I call it yogurt dip, she eats it up.

Maple syrup - the one dip I limit quantities on one, a fact she does not appreciate. 

Funnily enough, two dips she doesn't like are a raspberry fruit dip I made with cream cheese, yogurt and raspberries. She loved the raspberries by themselves and I didn't think I could go wrong mixing them with two other foods she likes but she did not like it at all and even got upset if she saw Craig or I eating it. She also doesn't like hummus. She used to but recently has decided that she doesn't. But she still likes chickpeas by themselves so I guess I don't mind not having to go through the hummus making process.

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