Way of Lights

Driving around to look at the Christmas lights is one of those Christmas to-dos that I've been excited for Lucy to experience. There aren't really a lot in our neighborhood so we drove to the Way of Lights. It was a longer drive than we like to take with a baby who gets cranky in the evenings but it was worth it. It tells the Christmas story in lights, with the corresponding Bible passages written on billboards. And since much of it was what Lucy has been memorizing, she recognized it and got excited that she knew it. 

Then we parked and took Lucy for the part she was really excited about - the camels. She had been told she could ride one and every 5 minutes of the drive asked if it was time to ride them yet. But when we got there and she actually saw them, she decided the ponies looked safer. But then she got up next to the ponies and changed her mind again.   

way of light 031

But they were really nice and gave us a refund. I wasn't expecting that but I have a feeling that she isn't the first child who thinks pony riding is more fun in theory than in practice. We took our refund and bought some carrots instead. Feeding the animals was something she enjoyed.

way of light 034

The goats and the nice calm antelope were her favorites.

way of light 036 

way of light 045

I love this picture because I just happen to have a picture of Lucy sleeping in a wrap in front of a camel at about the same age here. I promise we really aren't around camels that much!

way of light 043

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