Jonah @ 3 months!

Dear Jonah,
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I feel like this last month just flew by and I've done a really bad job of taking pictures but I'll try better next month. You're bigger and more alert now. You've become really smiley. All we have to do is smile or blow a raspberry and you just grin.

A few weeks ago you were asleep in our bed and before I moved you into your co-sleeper I gave you a kiss on the cheek. Your daddy laughed and said that was silly because you were asleep and didn't know I was kissing you. I told him he was the silly one because you don't kiss a baby because they like it, you kiss a baby because you like it. But after that, I noticed that you do like it when I kiss you. So now I have another smile tool at my disposal.
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 But your worried face hasn't totally disappeared.

120312 playtime 037

 You love to "talk" to us.

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You adore Lucy and love tummy time if she is there for you to watch and you're getting pretty good at pushing up.
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If Lucy isn't around, you'd rather be sitting up on our laps (not quite on your own, but close - see top image). You also love to play "airplane" our on legs. Or be anywhere as long as you can see the action.

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Your hair has gotten a bit darker and when we go out in public, you get lots of comments on your adorabl "red hair." It's really more of a strawberry blond but depending on the light it can look anything from pure blond to very red. 
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You are super mellow. I went to MOPS last week and another mom held you so I could paint my project and when I turned back to you 3 minutes later, you had fallen asleep in her arms. You really like to sleep. I'm savoring naps with you while I can but you do just fine on your own most of the time.

You like to chew on your fists. Sometimes you'll accidentally get a finger or thumb in your mouth and start to gag so I don't think you'll become a thumb sucker but who knows.

120312 playtime 078

You are still in 6 month clothes but I really could take you up to 9 month for sleepers and onesies as some of your 6 months ones take a bit of stretching to make snapping over your long torso possible. The chair picture at the top of this post is in 9 month clothes and it isn't too big at all but I'm not ready for that yet. You're not allowed to wear 9 month clothes when you can't even roll over yet, that just seems silly. You're also in red prefolds/medium covers/Thirsties duo size 2 and have been for several weeks now - some of which are obviously hand me down - but I promise I don't put you in this one in public :-)

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But who told you that you were allowed to grow so fast? Still little my baby boy.

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