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Other families take pictures in front of the christmas tree each year, or on the porch the first day of school, apparently I take pictures of us making Matzah. It wasn't really intentionally but now I guess it will have to be.
easter 075

And these are the last Easter pictures, I promise. Lucy's basket contained a few items to help us with our nature walks - binoculars and a bug viewing kit. We explained that the binoculars were for viewing things from far away and the kit was for magnifying things up close. So she found a rock, put in on the floor and backed waaaayyy up to look through her binoculars :-)

easter 091

And Jonah's gift, a big box of Duplo, was very intentionally for two reasons. 1) We needed more Duplo so it was a good excuse and 2) Lucy is pretty good about sharing most of the time. I don't make her share special toys nor does she have to take turns in most situations. Whoever has it, can play with it until he/she is done. But she knows that it is okay to take something he isn't supposed to have away (like her coloring book) and give him something different (one of his toys) instead. Slowly that's lead to her taking anything he had that she wanted (fun Duplo toy) and giving him something lame (burp rag) in return. But now, some of the Duplo are hers and some are his and we all share them together.  If she fusses about his using hers, they she has to give back any that might be his...insert evil parental laugh. Please tell me I'm not the only who plots against their child, right?

easter 087

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