He crawls...and more!

He's been army crawling and rocking back and forth on his hands for a while now but today* was the day he put them together!

Of course, you'd think after working so hard on a new skill, he'd take a little time to enjoy it. But no, 2 minutes after that video was taken, he'd already moved on to this:

2 things about that last video. 1) He is fine! You'll notice that there were no screams at the end. I caught him before he even touched the ground. 2) That was neither his first attempt nor his best. He can actually pull himself up onto his mattress and stand there for a minute or so before squakwing for me to help him down or just tumbling down himself. I'm in trouble!

*6 months 15 days. I've learned from Lucy that the only time I have a record of when she did something was when I posted it on the blog. Sad but true.

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