This one has a bit of a back story. A few years ago I was reading a blog and the author had a James Challenge where she, aptly enough, challenged people to join her in memorizing the book of James. I thought that was really neat - but had absolutely no inclination to join her.

Fast forward to a few months ago and James kept coming to mind. I was studying Mark but kept seeing or hearing about verses from James.  And I thought about that James Challenge. But I was so excited about doing the Siesta Scripture thing and it seemed odd to do it all from the same book. Then Elaine explained that she was doing all her verses from Titus. So that excuse was gone. But still, I didn't want to. (Feel free to say that in a whiny tone with a foot kick. It'd be more accurate that way). Who memorizes a whole book of the Bible? I don't know, just not me! So I picked other verses and they were good, but I know it wasn't what I was supposed to be doing.

So I picked a bigger passage. See God - a big passage! Nope, not what He wanted. So I picked one verse from James. Nope, not what He wanted. Fine then - insert pouty face - I'll memorize James, I said.

And as soon as I submitted, I was suddenly really excited about it. I've also finished up Mark so I'm studying a couple verses of James every day using the S.O.A.P method. And I'm amazed at all the connections I'm making.  Turns out - James is an awesome book and I'm really enjoying it. Hmm, wonder who could have know it was right what I needed at this point in my life?

I found out that Beth Moore had challenged women in one of her studies to memorize it in 5 months so there are actually a lot of women out there who had memorized James. Although I previously thought I would take the rest of the year, I'm not going to aim to have it done by Jojo's birthday - a little less than 6 months from now.

I typed up the first chapter and laminated it so I could take it around the house with me.  I think it's similar to when I read the bible in 90 days. Sometimes I find it hard to fit in 15 minutes of study because I keep putting it off thinking I can fit it in later. But when I had a hard, but finite goal, I made it happen because I planned for it and prioritized it. Same thing here. I'm reading through it at every meal and repeating it when I've got a free minute or two and asking Craig to quiz me at night. And the first chapter is almost done! I get stuck on a few point and need Craig to give me a word or two but that's it. This month - Chapter 2!

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  1. Exciting! I love James. Some day I hope to do Beth Moore's study and memorize it at the same time.