I've got witnesses!

Another one I forgot! Geez, where is my brain? Wait, don't answer that. 

5months 018

Lucy and Jonah's relationship has been...interesting. On Jonah's side - it's all love. He just thinks she the best thing to watch and (try to) play with.

Lucy's not quite as consistent with her affection. And for the longest time if anyone asked her if she liked/loved her brother, she would say, matter of factual  "No, I don't. But maybe when I'm bigger I will." (I think that last statement comes from all our talks about how babies can't do much when they are born, but as they get bigger, they are more fun since you can play with them). Now, I wasn't going to force her to say she loves him, but I did always follow up with some preaching about how we still need to be nice/loving/gently with him no matter what we felt like.

She's only been downright hostile to him 2-3 times because our response was pretty swift. Luckily/unluckily depending on what type of parent you think I am, we did happen to capture one of those few moments on video.

But the last few weeks, she's actually wanted to hug him a few times - which we played up big time!

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And now that he is scooting and trying to play with her and her toys, I'm really pleasantly surprised at how patient she is with him. She's very gently tell him "no, no" and ask me to move him away or even bring one of his toys and try and distract him.

But still, she insisted she didn't love him. So when we had some friends over for dinner a couple days ago and someone asked her what she thought about Jonah, I was expecting the same  response she normally gives but she actually said "Yes, I do. I love him." It was so touching. At least until she continued..."But I still don't really like him. When he's bigger, I'll like him."

At least it's progress. I'll take it.


  1. Got to love those honest toddlers / preschoolers. I'm really interested to see Miss Lili's reaction to her baby brother. I'm guessing either hostility or Smothering Love but I have no idea which it will be. She's kind of all or nothing like that. ;)

  2. Oh my gosh that made me laugh!!

  3. MacKenzie, that was hilarious. I just cannot get enough of (other people's) toddlers!