Girls and Boys

Ack! I thought I published this last month so the pictures are old, but better late than never?

My kids are so stereotypical it cracks me up. Lucy is a such a little mother.  She loves to take care of things, wrapping them in blankets, hugging them, reading to them. This makes sense when we are talking about her dolls or stuffed animals but she doesn't stop there. Laundry hampers, rolls of paper, stools, they all deserve love and affection in her eyes.

Here's a video of her hugging things after we were gone for a few days. Keep in mind that this is our dungeon-y basement so this is mostly stuff we've stuck down there for storage and not her most treasured possessions.

And here she is "reading" to our laundry hamper. I moved it in there while I was moping the bathroom floor but she wouldn't let me move it out for several hours lest it be lonely in the bathroom by itself. I finally convinced her that the woolies bin would keep it company and she gave in. Silly girl!

Jonah on the other hand is all boy. I fully expected him to love balls, cars and all things construction themed but I didn't expect it to be this early. 

When the cat's away the sisters asleep, the mice the baby will play and I let him choose whatever toys he wants. When given the chance he pretty much always goes over to her train set and picks out the trains and cars. It's not like can even make them move yet! He just knows he's a boy I guess. 

My sister's asleep...

so I get to play with her toys...

of course, I grabbed the things with wheels.

How do boys learn that so early?


  1. Can't wait to see them in June and see how much they've changed!

  2. Jonah also seems to want to crawl over to me only when I am working with tools.