Egg Hunting and Preschool Picture Taking

I'm a bit behind in posting pictures. Our Joyful Learning theme this month was Easter so most of our easter-y activities will be in that post but here are some from last week's easter egg hunt at church.

esater 003

Here's Lucy and her friend Benjamin. They are both a little shy when it comes to big groups I think so I sat with them on the far edge when the youth group gave a little presentation about Jesus. We were so far off that they couldn't really see anything and I'm not sure they knew what was happening, but aren't they cute anyway?!

This shows what the under 4 area of the egg hunt. Basically a field full of eggs, nothing hidden whatsoever, and a bunch of non-competitive kids walking around finding them while the parents are pointing them out and encouraging them to hurry. Just about the time they figure it out, it's over.

esater 008

esater 006

esater 007

It's a classic childhood moment right up there with the scenes of preschoolers playing soccer by swarming around the ball and maybe kicking it in the right direction - maybe not.

Then we tried to take a picture of Lucy and Benjamin. I only photoshopped the best one but I had to include them all because they are just too cute. And trying to get a posed shot of two little kids is like herding cats.

esater 011 - Copy
Put the lollipop down.  

esater 017
Now look at us!
esater 016
esater 015
Back at us, little smiles now. 
esater 013b
Got one!

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